The story of Erling Vangedal-Nielsen's invention

The Ice Cube Bag

The story of Erling Vangedal-Nielsen’s invention of the ice cube bag is fascinating. Today, the ice cube bag is sold in 30 countries and has found it way into many homes around the world.

Erling Vangedal-Nielsen has often told the story of how the idea for the ice cube bag was conceived one evening when he was entertaining  friends and they had no ice cubes for their drinks. Using a plastic bag, his imagination and engineering skills, coupled with hard work and persistance, the prototype of the ice cube bag was developed.

It was not long before the ice cube bag proved to be an ingenious invention which led to an overwhelming, global commercial success. In the context of securing the rights to the invention and of obtaining business partners, the patenting of the invention has played a central role.

Based on his company, Unigreen A/S, Erling Vangedal-Nielsen has – concurrently with his other inventions – further developed the concept and at Budde Schou, we have had the pleasure of establishing and maintaining the accompanying rights.

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