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Uncompromising and respected

At a time when innovation is booming in our society, the protection that comes from excellent IP-craftmanship is more important than ever. At Budde Schou we do not let the quality of our services suffer from complexity, but instead deliver uncompromising and respected competence and professionalism. We exist to serve our clients, and only when we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and fully understand their current situation can we act as the first and last line of defence in protecting their innovations and business foundation. We are the current classic in the patent and trademark industry.

Advice, Preparation and prosecution of patent applications


Words, letters, numbers, logo, figures or a combination thereof


Protecting and securing the appearance and design of a product


Infringement of IP rights and – equally important – whether such rights are valid

IP Conflict

Protection of company assets through carefully selected IP rights

IP Strategy

Competitor Monitoring

Ensuring the best possible market position through competitor monitoring

Safeguarding inventions, product developments and trademarks


Registration of domain names and the rights thereto, including right of use

Domain Names

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IP in practice

IP protection is first of all a matter of securing the exclusive right to the commercial exploitation of inventions made or to the creative efforts put into developing a trademark or a unique design.

At Budde Schou, we are priveleged and grateful to have so many loyal clients worldwide who have entrusted us with the task of protecting the results of their innovative efforts.

Innovation and IP protection go hand in hand and often represent a higher value than you would think.

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