Protection of company assets through carefully selected IP rights

IP Strategy

In all markets, it is vital to be ahead of the competitors. Research, development and marketing activities represent considerable costs for innovative companies and it is essential for the survival and success of the company to protect its assets through carefully selected IP rights.

IP rights are associated with advantages which may have an immediate effect on the financial success of the company just as they reflect credibility in relation to competitors and business partners both.

A good IP strategy rests on a foundation of thorough preliminary search and analysis, a carefully considered delimitation of the IP rights and not least on reflections as to the overall business objectives to be served by such rights. Each individual right must be viable in itself while at the same time forming a balanced part of the company’s overall IP portfolio.

IP strategy is not just about protecting the individual elements contributing to the overall company success. It is first of all about thinking ahead, about securing a platform of influence and about claiming the competitive edge. In other words, it is about creating freedom on relevant markets and not merely about the survival of your company.

For Budde Schou, the best possible protection of our clients’ IP is alpha and omega. We are familiar with all aspects of IP – whether in respect of patents, trademarks or designs – and offer advice tailored to suit the requirements and purposes of those companies who trust us with the handling of their IP rights.

We recommend that you consult us at an early stage in order that we may contribute, from the outset, to the creation of an IP foundation that matches the business plans and visions forming the future of your company.