Henriette A. Damsgaard

Biochemistry, Plant Pathology, Microbiology

COO / Equity Partner / European Patent Attorney / European Patent Litigator

Education: M.Sc. (Biology), University of Copenhagen, Ph.D. (plant molecular biology), University of Copenhagen in collaboration with Risoe National Laboratory, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School.

Technical expertise: Biotechnology, molecular biology, plant biology, plant pathology and microbiology.

General background: European Patent Attorney. Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe. With Budde Schou A/S since 2005. COO since 2018.

IP qualifications:

  • Expert advice, assistance and prosecution in relation to applications for patent, utility model and supplementary protection certificate (SPC) worldwide.
  • IP Due Diligence surveys
  • Freedom to Operate analyses.
  • Assistance in patent litigation based on infringement and other patent related conflicts.

Memberships: ADIPA (Association of Danish Intellectual Property Attorneys), FIR (Danish Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), EPI

Languages: Danish, English and German.


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