Henrik Ørsnes

Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biotechnology

Of counsel / European Patent Attorney / European Patent Litigator

Education: M.Sc. (Biotechnology), Odense University, Ph.D. (Biochemistry), University of Southern Denmark in collaboration with ETH Zürich (Switzerland), Emory University (USA), and ATOMKI (Hungary). Master of Advanced Studies in Intellectual Property, ETH Zürich (Switzerland).

Technical expertise: Biotechnology, biochemistry, and chemistry, including in particular organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and instrumental development associated therewith.

General background: European Patent Attorney. Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe. With Budde Schou A/S since 2019.

IP qualifications:

  • Expert advice, assistance and prosecution in relation to applications for patent, utility model and supplementary protection certificate (SPC) worldwide
  • IP Due Diligence surveys
  • Freedom to Operate analyses
  • Assistance in patent litigation based on infringement and other patent related conflicts.

Memberships: ADIPA (Association of Danish Intellectual Property Attorneys), EPI, and FICPI.

Languages: Danish, Swedish, English, German and French


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