Ensuring the best possible market position through competitor monitoring

Competitor Monitoring

In your efforts to ensure the best possible market position for your company and the best conceivable commercial conditions for your marketing, it may be an important factor to also monitor the general development in the market and in the behaviour of your competitors, not least when it comes to IP.

Intellectual property rights often reflects the position and moves of innovative companies and may as such be an image of the market situation as a whole within a given industry.

Watches are set up on an individual basis and may aim at monitoring the IP activities of competing companies in general or within specific fields. Similarly, watches may be designed to monitor specific rights with a view to determining developments within a certain key field.

The knowledge that you, as a company, obtain through competitor watches may be decisive for the preparation of your own business plans and is an invaluable starting point in licencing negotiations or in the context of IP conflicts.

We often cooperate with Nordic Patent Analyzer, who specializes in the establishment of search strategies and information retrieval.

We are happy to discuss the possible advantages that you may gain from the establishment of monitoring of your competitors, tailored, of course, to suit your specific requirements.