Intelligent Cycling


Intelligent Cycling develops creative, innovative indoor cycling software that makes training simple, effective, and fun.

In 2015, Intelligent Cycling founders Peter, Brian, and Anders, who are all entrepreneurs and dedicated indoor cycling instructors themselves, saw a need for an easy-to-use software that could make indoor cycling fun, effective and simple for both clubs, members, and instructors.

It was important to Peter, Brian, and Anders that the software was designed to give club owners, instructors, and members a helping hand and free up their time to focus on what they do best. At the same time, they wanted the software to provide science-based, time-efficient, and truly intelligent cardio training.

It resulted in Intelligent Cycling’s cutting-edge technology that recognizes that:

  • the faster and easier it is for instructors to create new indoor cycling sessions, the more energy they will have to shine at bike class.
  • members are empowered and motivated when they can see the workout details and mentally prepare for the intervals ahead.
  • clubs need software that is easy to support and inexpensive to install, which is why all you need to get started with the software is a computer.

Today Intelligent Cycling’s software is used in gyms all over the world, counting +1000 gyms and spanning 141 countries.

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