Jesper Mark Wenzel

On March 1, we welcomed our new partner Jesper Mark Wenzel.

Jesper is a European Patent and Design Attorney, and with an M.Sc. in process control engineering from Aalborg University, he handles intellectual property matters mainly within the fields of software, electronics, mechanics and design.

Jesper holds extensive experience in patent prosecution and in providing IP advice based on more than 20 years as a patent and design attorney. At Budde Schou, Jesper will furthermore engage in sales and marketing as a special focus area.

Jesper is driven by helping companies use intellectual property rights to improve their market position, including, in particular, by communicating complex intellectual property issues in a way that decision makers can use as a basis for decisions.

With Jesper onboard our team of consultants, Budde Schou cements its position as a valued intellectual property sparring partner for companies within software, electronics, mechanics and design.